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Weekly Bread and Viennese Menu

Every day we bake baguettes, country bread, plain organic sourdough bread, brioche, brooklychocs, chocolate briochettes, croissants and pains au chocolat.

In addition, we offer:

- on Tuesdays: pain de mie, viennois, flax & sesame seed loaf, and cookies

- on Wednesdays: gluten free bread, flax & sunflower seed bread, pains au lait, cinnamon rolls, and coconut rochers

- on Thursdays: turmeric & nut sweet bread, whole wheat bread, flax & sesame seed loaf, viennois , and madeleines

- on Fridays: country pepper & cheese bread, country olive bread, pain de mie, challah bread, gluten free bread and financiers

- on Saturdays and Sundays:  country pepper & cheese bread, country olive bread.

Place an order online if you want us to bake a specific good on a specific day or contact us by email or chat.

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