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Brooklyn French Bakers

French Boulangerie Patisserie in Brooklyn


French Brooklyn Bakers -- we are three French people who met in Brooklyn. We opened the bakery in January 2022. We share a passion for cooking and sharing it with our friends and family. As French, new-New Yorkers, we want to share our passion and culture with you.

We choose our ingredients with care and preserve the French touch with delicious, seasonal, and affordable products. We are also sensitive to the environment and to be as zero waste as possible, we deliver our products with recyclable packaging. Our bread and pastries ar an expression of joy, love and community.

Who are we ?

As a former banker, Sabrina brings a formidable attention to detail to the art of pastry making. She earned her pastry certificate from France and started baking in New York from home with her 3-year old daughter as her apprentice.

During the pandemic,  Nelly fed her levain and adapted her sourdough bread recipes with the seasons, her mood and her kids'preferences. As a former engineer, Nelly continuously innovated on her levain ("starter dough") recipe to correspond with the seasons in New York. She learned online how to bake bread, she shared the benefits of her production with her family and friends.

Before baking, Teddy worked in the field of chemistry. He brings his scientific curiosity and meticulous attention to his baking to combine surprising and comforting flavors.

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